Are you able to help?
Volunteers are always needed and the Friends are keen to include more public participation both in and around the hospital, or with our Outreach Program.

Typically, help on the ward involves the drinks or library trolley, or simply giving your time to visit, talk and comfort patients. This could involve help with letter writing, feeding, playing board games, cards or even helping with crafts. All of these are stimulating and will brighten a patient’s day.

On occasions there are special events and meetings at the hospital where ‘welcome hosts’ have an important role to play.

The Friends Outreach Program needs guardians at some sites for the community-wide Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) scheme. There are regular public training days for this where hosts are also required.

There are also fundraising events which includes participation in local fetes. These are fun days and there are plenty of opportunities to meet with the local community.

None of these duties are too onerous and you would not be committed to set hours whether you volunteer for In-house duty, Outreach Program or fundraising. Whatever help you are able to provide, you will be made most welcome and appreciated