November 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Frome Hospital will convene in the Moxon Suite at Frome Community Hospital at 19.00pm on Thursday 21st November 2019


NEWS FLASH: 21/11/2019

At tonight’s AGM, a full round of appreciation was shown, by the trustees and hospital supporters, to Peter Smith as he stepped down as chairman of the friends of Frome Hospital after 10 years service.                                                                              the 2020 chairman elected in was Derek trick a long serving trustee.

New !

As part of the Friends of Frome Hospital Community Defibrillator Scheme, have installed a twenty fourth and twenty fifth ‘publicly available defibrillator’ (PAD) at Buckland Dinham Village Hall, and at the YMCA Youth & Community Centre at Vallis Way, Frome.


Top rated inspection!

Members of the Friends of Frome Hospital Trust acted as independent observers during the NHS’s annual review of the Frome Community Hospital facilities on September 16th.


CPR Training 

The Friends of Frome Hospital Community Defibrillator Project team held two Public CPR/Defibrillator Awareness and Training session at the Cheese & Grain in June. This annual event attracted about 70 people.                                              The 45 minute demonstrations, by First Responder Nigel Inseal, showed how to deal with a cardiac trauma situation, call for help, to undertake CPR and to get, and use a publicly available defibrillator (PAD) until the arrival of a paramedic to the scene. The Friends Defibrillator Team will announce future sessions via this website on in the Frome Times.

Scroll down for more information of the Community Defibrillator Network  

The team also provided a similar Awareness Session in August to staff members and councillors of Frome Town Council at the Town Council’s offices in Christchurch Street West.


Website volunteer wanted!

The ‘Friends’ are in need of a computer-savvy volunteer to post our monthly news updates onto our website.
We would also like to establish Facebook and other social media links to communicate with the community in Frome.
Can you help?


Health Education in local schools

The Friends have commissioned Life Education Wessex, a national charity which operates mobile classrooms with on board teachers providing students between the ages of 4 and 13 with lessons on their bodies and how to look after them.  

The object is to teach young people the dangers of drugs, alcohol and obesity from a young age and to combat peer pressure. The potential payback, in terms of the benefits to individuals and the community as a whole, is substantial and the Friends have supported the programme for all fourteen schools in  the Frome  area through to 2020.



Friends of Frome Hospital Community Defibrillator Network

Over the past three years the Friends of Frome Hospital have championed the installation of 25 publicly available defibrillators (PAD) across an area serviced from the Community Hospital and Frome Medical Practice. sixteen units are strategically located in Frome and a further seven in the neighbouring villages. Frome is reputed to have been the first community in the country to establish a complete network of PAD units.

Defibrillator Cabinet Guardians wanted!
We have 25 ‘life-saving’ Publicly Available Defibrillator (PAD) units located around Frome and the immediate local villages, with each needing to be checked once every 2 weeks. If you have a Smartphone that can read a ‘Tag’ icon we would welcome your help. Each check takes less than 2minutes at the cabinet.

Would you like to join our Defibrillator team? Contact:



In a radical development of the Friends of Frome Hospital’s Community-wide Defibrillator project, which started at the new academic year in September, Year 7/8 students at Oakfield and Selwood Academies will be having Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) instruction and demonstration on the use of the town’s publicly available defibrillators (PAD).
The 45 minute lessons will be given to twelve individual classes starting in the autumn at Oakfield Academy, then continuing with the same age stream at Selwood Academy after the Easter break. The programme has been specially devised on behalf of the Friends of Frome Hospital
The course will allow the students to recognise a cardiac trauma situation and how to positively respond. It will include showing the students how to instantly diagnose the patient’s condition, placing them in a recovery position, calling for medical help and applying CPR until professional help arrives. In addition, and because Frome has twenty two 24/7 PAD units located around the town where the 999 emergency services can identify the nearest location to a situation, the training team will demonstrate the use of the state-of-the-art Heartsine defibrillator.                                                                                                                                                                                   The Friends are committed to provide this service through to 2020


Volunteers restore the hospital’s Therapy Garden

 The garden was originally funded by the Friends and we are trying to put together a team to help Judith Rawlins, until recently a physiotherapist at the hospital.  It is now restored to its former glory, and volunteers are required for the on-going maintenance of this facility that is so appreciated by the patients and their visitors.



29/11/2019 AGM – 2020 Officers and Trustees

  Chairman – Derek Trick   Vice Chairman Denis Hatch 

Secretary – Ken Fricker; Treasurer – Owen Hillier/ (Andrew Liggatt incoming April 2020)

Trustees – Peter Smith; Rachel Blacklidge; Tina Merry;

Defibrillator Project Leader – Derek Trick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Matron Angela Lloyd (until December 2019) PA – Cath Hirons; Birthing Unit – Cindy Stamp; Minor Injuries Unit- Rachel Vincent

You can contact any of us either through the Friends Website or email  

or by ringing the Hospital on 01373 454740

Outreach Projects

The Friends of Frome Hospital activities are not limited to the hospital and we are also able to support other health activities in the community. Typically:

Leg Club a weekly meeting at the Frome Town Football Club organised by nursing staff from Frome Medical Practice who provide monitoring and care for blood circulation and treatment of leg ulcers.

Singing for the Brain is a regular session run by the Alzheimer’s Society for those suffering with dementia and their carers.    It is held in the hospital and has been supported by the Friends for the past two years.                                                                    The Friends also support special courses run for carers.

Wessex Counselling offer a counselling service in the hospital for patients and their families supported by the Friends.




Minor Operations Suite:

Did you know? The Friends also funded equipment and set up costs for the Minor Operations Suite, in the adjacent Medical Practice, which allows for range of minor surgical procedures to be carried out on-site.                                                      Talk to your doctor about the services provided.